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Hi there! I hope you are doing well. On behalf of Elokuensi management and all of the teachers, I would like to say thank you for these years of your trust. We hope you all are enjoying the English learning experiences at Elokuensi. Looking ahead, we are entering a new era where the competition is getting more intense. The power of Indonesian young generation creates a shifting in market trends and culture. To ease the learning process in school, graduate in top university and work in a top company, English has become one of the most necessary things. English enables us to stay relevant to the current society and build a better future.

To answer the current market needs, Elokuensi exists to help young generation to have the best English learning experience and process. Elokuensi provides highly experienced teachers who have been teaching for years. We also keep developing infrastructure, system, learning method, and curriculum to anticipate the dynamic activities of education at the moment.

Last but not least, we realize that students are getting busier with their time at school and other courses. Elokuensi then offers various programs and class schedules that can be adjusted accordingly to students’ free time. All of our efforts are set to achieve our vision, which is building future through education. Students’ success stories and achievements are our top priority as an international language centre. Thank you for trusting us for more than 30 years.

Trihonggo Santoso

CEO of Elokuensi Jakarta



  • Communicate globally and confidently
    English is one of the most spoken or even first language in a large number of countries. Therefore, by mastering English, we can confidently interact with English speaking people and share our ideas as well as thought easier
  • Ease the information gathering
    We all know that internet is the easiest way to gather any information that we need. Most of the websites are written in English no matter where the site comes from. English is also the primary language of the press, newspaper and books.
  • Easy to learn
    English is actually easy to learn as there are many resources available. Even in our daily life, we are surrounded by English, such as TV shows, marketing promotion, books, signage, social media, etc.
  • Create more job opportunities
    Research shows that people with English capabilities can receive higher income than who can’t. Rising economic circumstances in Indonesia and global makes English speakers are more interesting. In addition, entrepreneurs can reach a wider range of target market online by using English.
  • Business and travel
    Hence, doing business and travel are much easier if we are able to master English. We can do many things to many people all around the world. Even in the countries who are not familiar in English, usually they still manage to use English as communication with tourists.


  • Learn with highly experienced teachers and proven methods
  • Affordable fees
  • Produce thousands of successful alumni
  • Provide various programs and class schedules
  • Experience for more than 30 years in teaching English

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